Why Homeopathy?

mother with baby in the parkConventional Medicine Compared to Homeopathy

Both medical theraputics have very different approaches toward reaching the goal of wellness. The chart below differenciates two very different modalities and how certain illnesses are addressed by each. The true definition of health is to be the best that we can be, without controlling our symptoms, but healing on the deepest level. We can have the best of both worlds, of knowing when to use conventional medicine and when to use homeopathy, they both have their strong points. It’s up to the individual to be their own authority, educate them self and decide what works best for them.

Illness Conventional Medicine Homeopathic Medicine
Infections (acute and recurrent) including:BronchitisEarEye

Lyme Disease




Other Infectious

Relies on the use of antibiotics[i] repeatedly until condition subsides. Defines pathogenic bacteria or germ as the cause for disease.Antibiotic medications may push illness deeper into the body, sending out another red flag (illness) in a different system of the body where there is still systemic imbalance or weakness.Some pathogenic strains have mutated into antibiotic resistance. Looks outside the conventional paradigm of germ theory for the origin of disease[ii] (e.g., reaction from food allergies, toxins, medication, vaccines, mental, emotional or environmental stress).The aim is to clear stressors and improve vital force by giving the body what it needs to avoid recurrence. Matches specific symptoms to exact remedy picture.Presence of bacteria is usually a function of stress-induced low immunity.
DepressionAnxietyPanic attacks  Mainstream psychiatric treatment (as opposed to psychological therapeutics) primarily seeks to control  depression or anxiety by suppressing outward symptoms.Relies on prescription medications, often over the course of years or decades. Side effects of medication are common and for many, bothersome. Looks at a person’s history and totality of symptoms: trauma, suppressed anger, grief, or fear, emotional stressors, genetic or environmental factors. Focus is on clearing core causes.Matches an individual’s exact symptoms to a specific remedy to restore a balanced state of well-being. With no side effects and only using remedies for a limited time[iii]
Bi-polar DisordersLearning
Usually requires substantial, long term testing and evaluation. Expensive and extensive therapies and usually long-term prescription medications to control behavior and symptoms.Relies on prescription medications, often over the course of years or decades. Side effects of medication are common and for many, bothersome. Research finds that causes for these disorders are usually linked to emotional trauma, genetic and environmental factors (including vaccines).Homeopathic medicines are known to help reverse the above causative factors so the person can be free of most symptoms.[iv],[v] , viNo side effects and remedies are used for a limited time[vi]


Eckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth, describes how the “war against disease” has yielded many useful tools, including antibiotics, which initially proved to be extremely successful. However, as experts in many fields have noted, blanket use of synthetic substances, especially antibiotics, has in fact created drug-resistant super-bugs.

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