652_testimonial_kibby_mitra“Kimberly has been providing holistic homeopathic care for my family since the home birth of our fourth child in 1999. She has successfully helped us through everything from minor coughs to painful and life threatening infections. Our friends and family marvel that our 4 happy and healthy children have never used antibiotics, pain/fever reducers or other allopathic drugs. As a result, Kimberly now cares for many of our extended family members and friends as well. Kimberly is truly a knowledgeable and inspiring individual with a deep love and understanding for homeopathy and natural care.”

“During my countless sessions over the years with Kimberly, I have learned so much about true health of mind, body and spirit, and with each new session, we take a step closer to a better and more healthful life. With true compassion and insight, she not only helps us achieve good health but also continues to empower me to trust my instincts and evolve into the individual that I long to be. I am truly grateful for her friendship and her care of my loved ones.”

—Kibby Mitra, From Nature with Love http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com


652_testimonial_barbara_kasak“My family has been consulting with Kimberly Woods for our health concerns for several years. Though we have worked with many homeopaths over the years, Kimberly has been the most consistent in finding the right remedies to help our acute complaints as well as our constitutional needs. Her prompt & efficient manner is impressive & appreciated. As a student of homeopathy, I am aware of many “styles” of treatment and have found Kimberly’s classical training to be excellent – allowing her to work with my family “long distance” via the telephone & internet. The combination of her herbal wisdom as well as her homoepathic knowledge has served us well, basically limiting our “mainstream” medical needs to one annual check up (mostly for school/work documentation purposes).”

—Barbara Kasak, http://www.barbsbelize.com


“Some time ago, a lengthy and very stressful situation was forced upon me that resulted in extremely high blood pressure, the effects of which were terrible. I then proved to have serious allergic reactions to two standard pharmaceutical prescriptions, the additional effects of which were even more awful than the blood pressure symptoms.”

“At that point, my medical doctor (bless his gutsy heart) recommended that I consider using homeopathy, and put me in touch with the wonderful Kimberly Woods, a homeopathic consultant specializing in the treatment of acute and chronic disorders. After a lengthy written interview, she suggested a specific homeopathic remedy. Since I was at that point on the edge of heart attack or stroke, and grasping at straws for treatment, I began taking the recommended remedy and (rather quickly!) my blood pressure began drifting down toward the vicinity of normal. It has stayed there ever since. Was I impressed? You can bet on it!”

“So… homeopathy? This is a complex subject in and of itself, accompanied by a lot of distracting an useless baggage. Ms. Woods has, thank goodness, done a great job of dealing frankly and sensibly with the subject. Her new book is written in an easy-to-read, approachable, and intriguing manner.”

swannIngo Swann NYC,
Father of remote viewing,
SRI International,
Co-founder of the Stargate Project,
author and artist


“As a homeopath, teacher, and wise woman, Kimberly has been a tremendous support to me and my family, and taught us a lot about staying well through homeopathy. Though I’ve had occasion to use remedies over the past 20 years, recently I’ve begun to turn to them more and more. They’ve proven successful with everything from colds and fevers to stomachaches, and even seizure that accompanied lead detox. They’ve also helped ease emotional issues in both myself and my children.”

“Since learning about homeopathy, I can count on my hands the number of illnesses my family has experienced in the past year, and those we have weathered have caused less discomfort, and required significantly less downtime. I work in healthcare and am exposed daily to a variety of virulent illnesses, so I think this is truly notable! With constitutional care, I have witnessed marked positive changes in my children, and experienced the same for myself. Chronic complaints seem to miraculously fade away.”

—Candace Hendrickson’, MS/OT, CT


“I have been fortunate to work with Kimberly Woods for over 16 years now, having first been referred to her for treatment for my son.   Her treatment was instrumental in calming his panic attacks that would happen during flights and some car travel.  I then went to her for general health related issues for me and occasional acute situations for all of us.  Every time I work with Kimberly, I learn more about my body’s natural ability to heal itself through homeopathy, and about how to listen more closely to my body and trust it.”

“Here is a perfect example of Kimberly’s skill as an educator as well as healer:  Last summer I decided to take a trip to Spain by myself for 10 days.  I made an appointment to consult with Kimberly about remedies I should take, in order to take care of myself during travel. You never know when you will run into digestive issues, jet lag, motion sickness, or any kind of trauma. With her guidance, I put together my own kit and was able to avoid ANY jet lag and enjoy every minute of my trip.  I enjoyed the Spanish Tapas tremendously, and only had to dip into the digestive remedy once, when a dish did not agree with me  (I’m glad I tried it though!).  It gave me peace of mind, knowing I could take care of myself when traveling alone.”

“The care that Kimberly gives with every appointment, treating the whole rather than just a symptom, is remarkable.   I feel fortunate to have someone as a true “healthcare partner.”

—Lynne Hutton, Director of Annual Giving at SCS, CA


“Homeopathy has worked for me where traditional medicine has failed! Kimberly Woods is a compassionate, intelligent individual and an outstanding diagnostician! Suffering a permanent voice disorder last year, incurred from a routine medical procedure, I was on supplemental oxygen and nearly unable to speak, so much so that I had to leave my job as a professor and clinician. I was treated by traditional doctors for 8 1/2 months, using poisonous hospital tests, prescription drugs, and oxygen, without much recovery. I was told “that’s all we can do.” Kimberly spent three hours doing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and has been treating me for the past 8 months – with results!! I never thought I would be able to speak at the conversational level again. Thank you Kimberly! I am a strong believer in your medicine and the power of the body and mind to heal, given the right natural ingredients and an attentive practitioner.”

Emory Prescott


“Kimberly Woods is the best practioner of Homeopathy to come to Asheville since Dr. George Guess left in1986. I am a licensed Naturopath since 1987 in NC and am familiar with many alternative healers. Kimberly is the one I refer my clients to for homeopathy because she has successfully helped me.”

Ellie Kochek, Ph.D.


Our daughter was a healthy, happy, engaging and flourishing 2 year old. Then immediately after receiving a set of standard vaccines, she started to have difficulty speaking.
A few weeks latter, severe tantrums started and they increased to sometimes 10 times a day. Within a month she was not speaking or having any eye contact with us or anyone.
All these symptoms and behaviors continued over a 4 year span along with a gradual increase in hostility toward her immediate family. As you can imagine, all of this this was beyond heart breaking, to see are beautiful little girl in such a shut down and difficult state of being. We spent $40,000 in other alternative and conventional treatments.
Within a few weeks of using homeopathic medicines to clear the negative effects of vaccines, we miraculously saw her slowly come back to being herself again!
After 3 months of working with Kimberly she was almost fully recovered and sang her 1st song, spoke full sentences and was returned to a state of peace.
Elizabeth, NYC


“Being one of the numerous Americans without health insurance and having experienced repeated failures in diagnosis & treatment for years by the medical community, I decided to give homeopathy a try. As it turns out, this is a decision I wish I would’ve made years ago, as I didn’t realize how much it would change my life.
I had been suffering with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) for months when I decided to give Kimberly a call. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was something she would be able to address, but amazingly this condition wasn’t the only one she was able to cure. At 36 years old, I have been suffering from psoriasis for 30 years, allergy problems for 25 years and acid reflux for 18 years. Having only gone to see her a month ago, I find the results remarkable and only wish I had pursued homeopathy earlier in my life. Prior to my visit, my psoriasis were rather thick, severe & irritated, now they are diminishing in size, thickness and prevalence. My allergy medicine intake has been reduced to once a day from three-four times a day and I expect this to improve as my body adjusts. I only occasionally have to take the acid reflux medicine when I used to at least daily. As far as the PID goes, the inflammation is practically nonexistent and I’m not experiencing any pain or discomfort when menstruating. I am no longer drained and lethargic and feel like I’ve regained control of my life. It’s been a truly miraculous healing experience and I encourage anyone who is even considering homeopathy to please do yourself a favor and give it a try, you will not be disappointed.”

S. Matney


“I was medicated for clinical depression and debilitating anxiety for over 25 years.”

“Homeopathic treatment has been extremely effective and impressive on all levels.”

“The initial evaluation was extremely thorough and caring. We went deeply into the physical and emotional traumatic events of my childhood. Also looking at how I react to stressful situations, family history of diseases, questions about my diet and food cravings. We even looked into my dreams which was extremely helpful and gave insight into my issues.”

“It’s apparent that Miss Woods thoroughly understands the human condition. Her insights into my illness were very helpful. Within a few weeks it became obvious that the homeopathic remedies were helping and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, within one year of using the homeopathic remedies the depression is much better and the anxiety is completely gone. As a bonus, I also had two very positive life changing “shifts” in my thinking and behavior. I feel a deep sense of peace and am more free to be myself.”

—Alexander H., Entrepreneur


“Kimberly was our Homeopath when my sons were toddlers.  My son was suffering with Lyme Disease.  He had joint pain, inflammation and skin rashes.  Kimberly was able to help resolve his symptoms very quickly with the correct remedy.  She is a caring, intuitive easy to talk to Healer.  I would highly recommend her!”

“She was also instrumental in helping me find a great homeopathic teacher to study with.”

“Thank you Kimberly!”

—Deborah Licurse C.Hom. NY


“My son is a teenager so being irritable with his parents isn’t totally unusual, but he was off the page nasty with me during a bad cold/flu bug.  He had a sore throat and dry cough and even though he asked me to call Kimberly earlier in the day, when she called us back he refused to answer simple questions about his condition.”

“So through me, Kimberly went on observations alone.  With just a few symptoms to go with, Kimberly accurately chose Bryonia as a match.   Within ten minutes of taking the remedy my son was less persnickety, calmer and almost humbled with me.  He wanted me to sit next to him and watch Television (something we hadn’t done in ages!).  One dose later his attitude and symptoms are improved 100%.  Not only do I love homeopathy, but I also love how easy it is to work with Kimberly! Probably why we have been clients of hers for twelve years and intend to work with her for as long as she will have us!!!”

—Diane Novak, BSW, Hardy, VA


“I am loving homeopathy. I am finding it gentle, sometimes immediate, and overall profound. How it works is mysterious, I notice that it’s teaching me to listen and be acutely aware of my body signals, triggers and emotional responses. Kimberly has an intimate understanding of the many remedies that facilitate healing and a gift of seeing deeply into a person. It seems that these powerhouse remedies get to the core and release issues that we often work on for a life time.  holds a lot of wisdom here. From the initial consultation to following up, I’m experiencing revelations that are transforming my life. getting to my core. I have a daily remedy for some skin issues, and a few other remedies that I take as needed. I feel like I have some direct connection with cosmos. Healing is not random, but it’s about connection of all the parts…(mental, emotional and physical). As for myself, Getting to the core using homeopathy is a great approach and an exciting journey.”

“I have a rescue cat and she is on homeopathy too. She’s always had a problem with her lower back and was not a happy camper! I used to have to get her anal glands expressed. They vet would give cortisone with this and she wasn’t healing. Using homeopathy she has regained a curve in her spine where she had been slumping, and now she is jumping up effortlessly. She is more awake, happy, playful and acting younger. As I write this, there is a scab on her lower back that seems to be a result of some injury coming to the surface. It’s miraculous.”



“My experience with homeopathy goes back to 1978, when my daughter was 2 years old and diagnosed with an asthmatic and allergic condition. Doctor after doctor suggested shots, when finally we decided to take her to a homeopath. He asked in-depth questions regarding her emotional and mental states as well as her physical condition.  No “traditional” doctor had ever asked these kinds of questions.”

“Within a few short months after beginning homeopathic treatment, her health visibly improved, and the ever-present colds and coughs became less frequent and of shorter duration and severity.”

“Homeopathy had made such an impression on me that when I discovered I had Lyme disease in 1993, my treatment of choice was solely homeopathic. And my transition to health was a gentle and completely restorative journey.”

—Josephine Nigro  NY, Administrative Assistant/Loan Processor, HSBC


“Kimberly helped me with an ongoing medical issue and is thorough and compassionate.  She listens to what I have to say respecting my own knowledge of my body.”

“Her guidance is affordable and extensive in the area of homeopathy and herbs.  She is a joy to have in my life.”

—Joanne N. NY


“Recently I had severe bronchitis which Kimberly handled with sincerity and concern.”

“She saved me a trip to the doctor and spared me the side effects from those dang antibiotics, which I’m sensitive to.”

“I will use Kimberly’s services again and will refer my friends to her as well.”

“I am very impressed. She takes the mystery out of homeopathy and natural medicine.”

—Diane, VA


“I have been a client of Kimberly’s for 18 years! She has helped me many episodes of my life and with all sorts of illnesses. the homeopathic remedies have cured my arthritis, migraines, PMS, crazy mood swings, bi-polar disorder and menopausal symptoms. It has been such an incredible learning experience about myself and where all this came from. There was alcoholism on my father’s side and I know this is going to sound odd, but once we used certain remedies to clear that, I felt like a normal person again.”

“I am so grateful to have found Kimberly and her fine tuned skills in homeopathy.”

—Laura M., Nurse Practitioner, NJ


“I have known Kimberly Woods as my student in the advanced years 1999-2004 at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy in Boston MA. I have been able to observe through her attentive and intelligent participation in my class, the insight and knowledge she has of Homeopathy. She has successfully resolved even the most complicated clinical cases. I know therefore she will be of great assistance in her holistic practice for the improvement of the patients.”

—Dr. Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, LicAc, CHom, DIHom
Doctor, Author, Instructor and Head of Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy http://www.DrLuc.com


“As a Homeopath, Ms. Woods offers the unusual combination of being precise and a compassionate professional. She has the determination of a scientist and the caring of a family member. With her thoroughness, she seeks the right answer for each individual patient.”

“My personal experience with Ms. Woods has been very rewarding. Since childhood I have suffered from upper respiratory infections: colds sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. For the last 20 years I have tried many methods, with only temporary results. Under Kimberly’s care I have improved considerably and by all accounts the treatment has been permanent.”

—Susana Bouquet-Chester, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Author


“I’ve known Kimberly for 15 years and respect her work as an Herbalist. Her approach is through, caring and deeply based in the Wise Woman Tradition.”

—Susun S. Weed, Herbalist and Author http://www.susunweed.com


Homeopathy is amazing and effective and so is Kimberly!
While homeopathy can be used and is very effective for acute and simple health ailments, when it comes to chronic and complex health issues, it takes a real skilled, trained, and talented homeopath to assess the patient, select remedies and know when to change course in order to facilitate optimal healing…Kimberly is certainly that! She has excellent listening skills, astute psychological analysis, valuable insights and intuition, is super smart and quick, and of course has years of knowledge and training in homeopathy, herbalism and holistic medicine.
I love working with Kimberly ~ she is upbeat, positive, supportive, understanding, and also gives straightforward, yet compassionate feedback and guidance in relation to serious and deep health related issues. For people interested in self growth/learning, and evolving through a health challenge, in order to become a more whole and healthy person, Kimberly is an excellent practitioner to work with.
Chronic illness is complex, and so is treating it. Homeopathy seems to be far more safe and healthy, and is a time tested modality for achieving authentic good health and healing – as opposed to western medicine which seems to be primarily failing in the treatment of chronic ailments. I myself have been working on my healing of chronic Lyme disease for years, and in just two months of working with Kimberly, I am feeling and seeing many positive changes. I know this is not only because of her skill in selecting a variety of “on point” remedies, but also because of her strong confidence in homeopathy, and healing in general…anyone who has a chronic illness, knows how important it is to have allies who believe in you, and in the power of the body’s ability to heal, along with being an effective practitioner!
I highly recommend Kimberly Woods as a homeopath, and feel very lucky to have found her.
Oh, and one more thing! Kimberly clearly practices what she “preaches”/teaches: she of course uses homeopathy herself, and she radiates strength, intelligence, beauty, and vibrant good health!! To me, that is important when choosing a health practitioner: that they are a living example and embody good health.
Mia Morales, Massage Therapist


We have been using Kimberly’s expertise for our family for over fifteen years. She has helped us get through things from severe sore throats to panic attacks, back pain to deep emotional sadness. While Kimberly works with you, she also empowers you to be your own ‘healer’. I can’t say enough great things about Kimberly Woods as the first person we go to when we’re feeling ill. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and just suppressing symptoms through allopathic medicines, give homeopathy and Kimberly a try. You won’t be sorry!!!
Diane Novak


My background is that of a standard lower middle class suburban American. I knew nothing of Homeopathy. Most of my family has cancer, will have cancer, has diabetes, or will have diabetes, has heart or lung trouble, or will have those issues.
After many years of working with serious illness, beginning in my early twenties, I was inevitably pulled to the last thing on earth I knew nothing about: Homeopathy.

Despite my youth, I have battled with terrible illness from imbalanced blood sugar, to chronic fatigue, IBS, even infertility issues. I have

invested many thousands into naturopathy, Ayurveda, and an all organic, no sugar, drug and alcohol free lifestyle, none of it provided the level of health I have striven for. While that is a foundation, the addition of homeopathy has done wonders for me with body, psyche, mind and spirit.

Chronic illness is an epidemic and I can whole heartedly recommend Kimberly as an integral piece for anyone needing to face the complex nuances inherent in the healing process. As far as I can tell, my education in healing growing up has only been an education in the suppression of healing. This is how conventional medicine works. It is so strongly reflected in the diagnosis- “you have no chance.” or even “we don’t know what’s going on, we can’t help. More testing” and then you are attached to an anti-whatever, you don’t feel vibrant health and you are without hope for freedom.
Homeopathy provides answers for questions that the majority has been incapable of answering and it has done so for over 200 years. Not every Homeopath is capable of providing that message and effectively following through. Without a doubt, I can say that Homeopathy is a big portion of why Kimberly lives, it is something that sustains her in her mission in life, in body, mind and spirit. This level of integrity, even this level of love, is reflected in her work and I am happy to recommend her to anyone.
Joshua Babbish


I recently had a terrible bout of the flu mixed with poison oak. To say I was miserable is probably an understatement. Kimberly was caring and tenderly supported me while I dealt first with the oak and then the flu while I was hanging on for dear life. I also had the added pressure of being nervous about being better for a big trip 8 hours away up north. Kimberly lovingly walked me through everything and made sure to check in often with me. I always recommend Kimberly for anyone who is interested in putting a toe in the homeopathic water and leaving traditional and harsh pharmaceutical medications behind. After I feel better I always look into the sky and say ‘ thank you for sending me this wonderful woman” !!!

Diane Novak


Three years ago, my 83 year friend, Don, was being rushed by ambulance routinely to our local hospital after having passed out at home.  Each time, he was diagnosed with low hemoglobin and high potassium.  He was given a transfusion, and told not to eat bananas and sent home a few days later.

During the fourth trip to the hospital in three weeks, the EMT needed to use a defibrillator on Don to revive him.  After hearing Don describe this harrowing experience to me and recognizing the futility of his situation, I knew I had to act quickly. Many years ago I was in a similar situation with reoccurring pneumonia. (I had it four times in one year then took responsibility for my own health care).  I researched extensively and found that homeopathy was the most logical and effective avenue to pursue.  I made an appointment with a world-class homeopath in NYC, where I lived at the time.  I’ve not had pneumonia or any lung condition since and my overall health is excellent.  The bonus is that Homeopathy has been a powerful healing medicine and helped me in ways that I would have never expected, which was on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I have successfully used homeopathy for over 24 years for any health issue that has developed.  I am sixty-four, feel fantastic and the only pill I take is a daily multi-vitamin.

With this knowledge and experience, I researched the Carolinas for a homeopath to treat my friend Don.  (I’ve said many times that Don is the man that should have been my father.  We are that close).  I found Ms. Woods through the National Center for Homeopathy.

At Don’s first visit he was in such a weakened state that when we arrived, he needed help from the car to her office.  I then was soon impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness that Ms. Woods showed as she delved into Don’s extensive medical history.  There was no rush to get to the next patient.  She had great caring and concern for the seriousness of Don’s situation. I was impressed with the focused concentration and the methodical process she used to get to the possible causes of the issues at hand. Three months later at a follow up appointment, Don’s improvement was obvious.

The ease and agility he showed in hopping out of the car and up the steps to her office was in itself the best testimony anyone could give about the effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment.  Also Don was not rushed to the hospital for transfusions again.  She accomplished in a few visits what the doctors could not do in many.

You don’t need to limit your health care to a person with an MD after their name.  I would trust Ms. Woods to treat any and all health issues for those I care about.  I continue to recommend her and homeopathy as the first defense against illness of any kind.

Allan Larobardier


Kimberly Woods is a talented, dedicated and knowledgeable homeopath, whose work has helped me and many others. I had neuralgia from a case of shingles, and she helped me quite a bit, with caring professionalism. She was there to follow up and adjust the remedies as needed.

Michelle Soule


If I could give Kimberly Woods 10 stars I would. She was literally a lifesaver to me when I was needing to be hospitalized. After a root canal, when I was having terrible nightmares, she recommended a remedy and they went away immediately. When I first met her, she recommended a constitutional remedy (that means the basis of your issues or illness) and 10 days later I met my husband who then asked me to marry him on the third date. We are still married after 19 years. Another time she put me on a remedy and three weeks later I had the impetus to quit a job working for an abusive employer. Kimberly (and homeopathy) seem to be associated with every major miracle in my life. If it is good enough for the Queen of England, then it’s good enough for me!

Lisa Dudley, Vocalist and Business Owner


Kimberly Woods is a well educated and experienced homeopath. She is also highly intuitive. I have seen amazing results working with her. Homeopathy does work!

Daniel Dudley, Contractor


Kimberly Woods is an amazingly talented, caring, kind, compassionate, intuitive, knowledgeable, and profoundly proficient homeopath. She has a very unique talent for pinpointing the core cause of a disease and in finding the correct orchestration of treatment on the path to achieve ultimate healing.
Over the past 33 years, I have been treated homeopathically by many well-known esteemed doctors and homeopaths. I can truthfully say that Kimberly’s level of knowledge, expertise, instincts, and commitment to those under her care, lends to her bringing forth miraculous results where other practitioners have fallen short in spite of their well intended efforts. And in my experience, that is it in a nutshell, the absolute miraculous beauty of homeopathy… it can reverse and cure disease when implemented with a high level of knowledge and expertise.
I feel so very blessed that Kimberly Woods is my homeopath, as well as my two dogs. The results have been astounding in our healing journeys. I could not possibly recommend her more highly.


Robin, Yoga Instructor for 40 years. Florida

Homeopathy has completely healed my two beautiful little dogs. One suffered from the complications and pain associated with hip and knee deformities and arthritis. My other dog had a history of severe chronic gastrointestinal issues. Now they are now miraculously thriving, pain free, limber and digesting properly. Whereas prior to Kimberly working with them, for many years, several veterinarians were completely ineffective and charged me 1000’s of dollars.


Robin, Yoga Instructor for 40 years. Florida

In March of 2017, I had a stroke and was taken off of HRT. HRT had been the relief for Fibromyalgia pain that I had suffered for many years. By the end of the year, I was weaned off of all hormones and I had begun to experience the debilitating pain that made me have little zest for living. Knowing that I would have to do something in order to have some quality of enjoyment in life, I began to look for alternatives. I was unwilling to return to the options of conventional medicine. My daughter-in-law had experienced impressive results in treating mono with homeopathy by Kimberly and I decided to give it a try.

Within two weeks, I saw considerable pain relief and improvement in energy, motion, interest in life and sense of well-being. It will soon be a year since I began this journey. I am completely free of the Fibromyalgia pain, foggy thinking and lethargy. Along the way, I have found better digestion, better sleep, more energy and emotional stability. Some nail issues have cleared; a shoulder pain I was receiving cortisone shots in order to raise my arm without pain, has resolved; the adverse reaction to wheat and sugar are no long absolute and immediate. I feel happy, satisfied and content. I cannot say enough about the benefits of treatment by a professional Homeopath, it has been a wonderful journey!

Jean L.

August, 2019

I’ve been working with Kimberly 6 plus years. Inflammation was the initial issue, the homeopathic medicines reversed and fully healed it. Also to my surprise, it noticeably helped long standing emotional issues as well as physical.
After 3 weeks of the flu this winter, I called for a consult to get relief and it was immediate. Within 3 days, weeks of dry, cracked lips disappeared, along with an annoying cough and sinus aches. This experience reinforced the power of homeopathy for my body and all its systems.
If you’ve tried everything else, but not homeopathy, call Kimberly. She’s a very seasoned practitioner and stays fully engaged in your healing.

Thalia Morris, Owner of Around Town Massage and Massage Therapist


I have been working with Kimberly for several months and it has been a wonderful journey. Both my dog Bella and I have had excellent and healing results physically and emotionally. Kimberly is very knowledgeable, intuitive and caring.

Lin Ford

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