24th Annual Organic Growers School Spring Conference, Asheville, NC, March 11-12th 2017

Homeopathy for Chronic Illness Kimberly Woods C.Hom.   Sun. March 12 at 11 am  

Homeopathy is part of mainstream medical care in Europe. It is made from highly diluted substances and stimulates the body’s own healing response. Case studies of  Cancer, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Lyme disease will be presented.

Ms. Woods has helped thousands of individuals suffering from severe physical problems to psychological illnesses. She is truly gifted at educating and empowering the individual in natural approaches to health and well-being. Kimberly has a common-sense approach and natural ability to take a very complex subject and make it understandable and practical.

SEWW Conference, Black Mountain, NC, Oct. 13-15, 2016

Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference – Honoring Woman and the Earth

Homeopathy for Chronic Care (Advanced Class) ~ Kimberly Woods C,Hom. Fri at 2:30 pm Oct 14th
For over 200 years, homeopathy has been extremely effective for most types of chronic, long-term illness. It is part of mainstream medical care in Europe and 40% of MD’s prescribe it for their patients. In this class, we will focus on the importance of addressing the root cause of the problem, which is often genetic, emotional and/or environmental. Case studies of Lyme disease, Cancer, Depression, and Autism will be presented. Learn that you have choices that work and feel empowered to take charge of your health!

Discover the Power of Homeopathy ~ Kimberly Woods C.Hom.  Sun. at 9 am Oct. 16th
Why are most Americans unaware of the power of homeopathy, a 200-year old scientific medical therapy that is known to prevent and treat most known illnesses?  Homeopathy offers a powerful solution for acute illness and first aid conditions. In this class we will focus on how to use seven time-tested remedies to reverse headaches, digestive issues, injuries, and infectious diseases. The bonus is that once you know the basic principles, you can treat yourself for hundreds of other common issues. Discover the profoundly deep and fast healing power of homeopathy!

Why Over 100 Million People Use Homeopathy for Healing Chronic Illness, by Kimberly Woods, C.Hom.

Tuesday, April 7  2016  
7 – 9 pm
Jubilee, 46 Wall St., Asheville, NC
Homeopathy is known to heal – not just control, most known diseases without side effects. The main focus is to address core causes of disease; physical and emotional traumas, allergies, genetic factors and your exact symptoms.

In this class Kimberly will discuss: What is Homeopathy and why use it? With 25 years of experience she will present case histories illustrating how Homeopathy can heal and prevent many types of illnesses such as cancer, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, chronic pain, insomnia, and stress.Plus a Q and A period. 

Please visit for more info. $10 donation. RSVP(828) 645-2919 or receive a free 15 min. consultation.

Find out why it’s the fastest growing complimentary medicines in the world!!!

Learn Learn How to Effectively Treat Short Term Illnesses with Homeopathy, by Kimberly Woods, C.Hom.

Wednesday, April 15th  2016   7-9 pm 
Build It Naturally Building (next to French Broad Co-op) Asheville, NC

Homeopathy is known to heal – not just control, most known illnesses, without side effects. Kimberly will briefly discuss: What is homeopathy and why use it. The main focus is on how to match your exact symptoms to a homeopathic remedy to overcome acute illness. Once you know the basics you can then treat yourself for 100’s of different common health issues. With 25 years of experience Kimberly has helped 1000’s of people suffering from acute and chronic disorders and she is truly gifted at making a complex subject easy. Q and A’s period. Please visit for bio and more info.
$15 donation. RSVP (828) 645-2919 or receive a free 15 min. consultation about your specific health concerns.

3rd Annual Homesteading Event

Saturday, April 25th  2016     11-5 pm
French Broad Co-op, Asheville, NC

How homeopathic remedies can help with 1st aid, short term illnesses, chronic illnesses, pets care, and livestock.

Please come and visit! I’ll have a table set up and will be available for answering questions on all of the above topics.

Also there will be 25 and 50 remedy- homeopathic kits and charts available for sale.

The following is the write up about the event from French Broad Co-op
Want to transform your piece of Asheville into a thriving homestead? French Broad Food Co-op is throwing a fair and has invited everyone you need to meet. This event is free and open to all.

Over 30 vendors and educators will present a plethora of ideas and products, tentatively including: bee keeping, mushroom growing, poultry raising, mead making, permaculture, alternative energy sources, bread oven building, hops growing, alternative education, herbal medicine making, and fermentation. The event exemplifies the Food Co-op’s mission, to be a transformative force in the community, and two of the Co-op’s 7 Principles: Concern for Community, and Education. French Broad Food Co-op has been the only non profit, community-owned grocer in Asheville since 1975.

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