Virus, Colds and Flu! Oh My! No Problem!

Photo mother remedy and son great Depositphotos_42556803_s-2015Americans Have Been Left in the Dark about this Powerhouse Medicine

Virus, Flu and Colds! Oh My! No Problem!

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine. For more than 200 years, homeopathic medicine has been remarkably successful in reducing the spread and severity of disease during epidemics, including influenza.[i] It stimulates the body to heal itself from the inside out. It’s known to heal, not just control the symptoms of most chronic and acute illnesses. It also increases your energy and enhances your sense of well-being.[ii]

A Hidden but Documented Fact

The most severe epidemic of all time was the great Influenza pandemic of 1918. Twenty percent of the entire world’s population was infected, and 20–40 million people died. Homeopathic medicines were used worldwide as a treatment and a preventive for this flu.

The mortality rate under conventional treatment was 28 percent, while homeopathic physicians had a one percent mortality rate.[iii]

By the way, the same reliable homeopathic remedies that were used in this pandemic have been known to work just as effectively for all types of flu — including H1N1, avian, swine, etc.[iii]


By 1900, homeopathy was more prominent in America than it was anywhere else in the world. A significant percentage (15–20 percent) of American doctors called themselves homeopaths, and the country had more than 1000 homeopathic hospitals, medical colleges and pharmacies!

Many of the American cultural elite of the nineteenth century were homeopathy’s strongest advocates, among them Mark Twain, William James, Susan B. Anthony, Louisa May Alcott, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry David Thoreau and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

America’s Dirty Little Secret

Homeopathy had an outstanding track record, along with a rapid growing popularity for its low-cost medicines and lack of side effects for treating chronic and acute illnesses. Unfortunately, the conventional medical establishment in America attacked its record and effectiveness.

Perhaps the biggest single blow for alternative medicine came in 1910 with the publication of The Flexner Report (or “Carnegie Foundation Bulletin Number Four”). The American Medical Association (AMA) was in put in charge of standardizing medical education in the country. It shut down all schools of medicine that didn’t teach the practice of medicine using synthetic drugs.

As a result, funding was withdrawn from these colleges, causing most of them to close. The Rockefeller drug trust … is still in control of most of the world’s pharmaceutical industry — and most of medical research, education and publishing. It has been known to even control the popular mainstream media.

“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and         is beyond a doubt a safe, more economical and most complete medical science.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

Time Tested, Effective and Safe: Homeopathic Flu Preventatives

Certain homeopathic remedies have been shown[iv] to prevent or reduce the severity of infection after exposure to virus, cold, shock or other triggers for illness. Among the goldmine of recognized[v] and preventative (prophylactic) remedies are:

  • Arsenicum album 30C is one of the first remedies considered for avoiding the flu.[vi] It’s been shown to be effective for prevention when used once a day for three days, once a month.[vii] During a flu outbreak, most homeopaths recommend that you take it once a week or as needed if symptoms start to appear.
  • Influenzinum 30C has been well documented in its effectiveness in preventing the flu.[vii] It is prepared with the same three main viral strains as the annual conventional flu vaccine, but it is diluted to one part per billion. This reduces the potential of side effects while providing effective coverage for a variety of flu types, without risk of infection.[vii][ix] It’s usually available in mid-October or early November at local health food stores or homeopathic pharmacies.

There are two popular ways of taking this remedy preventively:

  1. Once a month during flu season.
  2. Once a week when the flu is rampant in your local area.

This remedy is made new each year from the vaccine, so be sure to ask for the current year’s preparation. If you fail to prevent the flu, don’t despair. There are great homeopathic remedies that can help you recover quickly, without side effects.

When it’s flu season, some homeopaths (myself including) recommend alternating between the Arsenicum album 30C and the Influenzinum 30C. Take them in the same way as suggested above, but alternating on different weeks or days, depending on your frequency.

A Homeopathic Vaccine with No Side Effects

A famous study[ix] by the French Society of Homeopathy followed 23 homeopathic doctors using the homeopathic Influenzinum in 453 patients from 1987 to 1998 for prevention of the flu. It found:

♦ In about 90 percent of the cases, no instances of the flu occurred.

♦ No side effects were noted in 97 percent of the cases that did develop.

♦ The three percent who experienced side effects reported only mild nasal discharge.

 TIP: Clear the Junk Out of the Trunk Address Chronic Issues Now!

Being in an optimum state of emotional, mental and physical health so that you can ward off the flu is one of the best preventive measures. Longstanding health issues are red flags that your body is sending out to let you know something needs correcting. Homeopathy is all about treating the core causes of disease and then stimulating your vital force so your body can fully and naturally heal.[x] Also note that controlling symptoms with medications, supplements or herbs does not resolve the problem; does not resolve the issue; it is simply a Band-Aid approach and symptoms will most likely return somewhere down the road.

A New Kind of Common-Sense
Health Insurance

Homeopathy is the fastest growing form of health care in the world…

and it’s growing by 25 percent annually!

Homeopathy is the leading alternative medicine used by Europeans. It is an integral part of their mainstream medical care; 30–40% of French, British and German doctors prescribe it.

Homeopathy appears to be responsible for the well-being of the French, who are ranked #1 in the world in the performance of their health care system. In France, 40% of the population uses homeopathic medicines. Americans, most of whom do not use homeopathy, are ranked #37 in the performance of their health care system.

For centuries, England’s Royal Family has been a strong advocate for and users of homeopathy. There are five homeopathic hospitals working within the UK National Health Service, some of them with a two-year waiting list for non emergency visits to a homeopath.

Homeopathy is also part of the mainstream public health care systems in South America, Central America, Russia, India and Asia.

I’m Beginning to Feeling Sick Now What?

For the initial stages of cold or flu-like symptoms:

  • Oscillococcinum® (“os-sill-o-COX-see-num,” or Anas barbariae)
  • Aconitum napellus 30c

These remedies are effective in averting full-blown cases of cold or the flu when used during the first 24 to 48 hours of the onset of symptoms (as its package labeling instructs).[xi]

Oscillococcinum® (“Oscillo”) is the number one over-the-counter flu medication in the world today, and it’s easy to find at health food stores or pharmacies.[xii] As actress and health advocate Terra Wellington has aptly stated, “It acts quick, it’s economical, and it’s also kid-friendly.”[xiii]

Facts about Oscillo®

Oscillo doesn’t cause side effects or adverse drug interactions..[xi]

Clinical trials show Oscillo to be helpful in making flu-like symptoms
less severe while shortening their duration..[xi]

Sixty-three percent of patients studied show “complete resolution”
or “clear improvement” within 48 hours..[xi]


Personally, I’ve seen dramatic results in more than 20 years of using Oscillo for early flu-like symptoms. Most of my clients opt to carry this remedy in their purse or car during flu season. When they start to feel the least bit sick, even abnormally fatigued, they’ll take a dose of Oscillo and usually feel better soon afterward.

Package instructions suggest dissolving the contents of a tube in your mouth once every six hours, up to three times a day. However, it works as effectively (and lasts much longer) prepared as a water dilution. Please see the “How to Make a Water Potency” download for instructions on how to do this.

Aconite napellus can be used when you’ve been exposed to a cold dry wind that creates the start of cold or flu-like symptoms. Usually, symptoms come on suddenly, and you’ll feel a cold chill in your body. It’s best used ASAP or within 24–48 hours. (See below for *How to take a Homeopathic Remedy.)

I’ve Had Flu Symptoms for More Than 48 Hours — Help!

Homeopathic medicines have been known to reverse established flu symptoms.[xiv] The key is to observe your exact symptoms and then match them to one of the top 17 homeopathic medicines. Then take the remedy as directed on the vial. Your choices are from the top, down most effective.

  1. Call an experienced homeopathic consultant and describe your most bothersome symptoms. Answer the pertinent questions to your specific case, and then match your exact symptoms to a homeopathic medicine known to work for the flu.
  2. You can find four DIY easy-to-use “Flu-Like Symptoms” reference charts at These charts let you quickly cross-reference your symptoms to figure out which remedy may provide the fastest relief. Use the chart that’s most applicable to your symptoms.
  3. Search the Internet to find a good homeopathic source for the top flu remedies. Match your symptoms to the best-indicated remedy.

TIP: FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF NOW FOR TREATING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! By learning ‘homeopathic’ first aid and remedies for acute situations ahead of time, you’ll know what to do for the flu when it comes your way.

I’m Burning Up with Fever!

For more than two centuries, homeopaths have known how to effectively manage elevated body heat. Standard homeopathic remedies can get people through the routine feverish stage of illness quickly, without interfering with natural processes.[xv]

The feverish conditions that often accompany flu and flu-like illnesses have long been considered a normal function of the body’s healing process. Our bodies have an innate, built-in mechanism to fight infection through mild feverish states. The recent trend of “fever phobia,” however, has unfortunately led many people to distrust and even fear a fever.[xvi]

To alleviate your fear about fever, let’s take a quick look at how it’s been viewed through history and what we know from science:

Hot Facts

Historically, ancient physicians saw fever symptoms as a means by

which the body “cooks,” separates and eliminates disease.[xvii]

Increased body temperature is recognized to be an essential
activity of the body in fighting, slowing down and killing viruses and

During feverish conditions, the body produces interferon, an
important antiviral substance.[xv]

Elevated temperatures seem to boost white blood cell and antibody
production and activity.[xix]

Heat kills microbes: Most bacteria and viruses thrive at lower-than-
normal body temperatures (so they like our cool noses in the

For more very important information, see “Supporting the Heat: Traditional Wisdom, Common Sense and Emergency Warning Signs of Fever” download.

What If I Have to or Choose to Get a Flu Vaccine?

For anyone about to receive any vaccine, the following remedies can be beneficial:.[xxi]

Hypericum perforatum 30c and Ledum palustre 30c are known to lessen the pain and side effects of a vaccination when taken together before your shot. The dosage is usually four to six doses each, taken 30 minutes apart, from two to six hours before a vaccination is administered. After the vaccine, take two to six more doses in the same way.

This preventative measure can be used for any type of vaccine. Contact an experienced homeopath for the remedy to take to counteract any negative side effect after a vaccine. Note that often side effects don’t show up until 1–3 months after a vaccination.

To help your body deal with vaccine reactions, a homeopath may also suggest[xxii]Thuja occidentalis or Silicea (Silica).

*How to Take a Homeopathic Remedy

Follow the instructions on the homeopathic remedy vial, which suggest placing 3–5 pellets under your tongue (subliminally), and then take as needed. As explained in many good homeopathic books,[xxiii] that means to take them:

  • More often (at least every 2 hours) for acute symptoms.
  • Less often (every 3 to 4 hours) for mild symptoms.
  • In general, take the best-matched remedy until you are approximately 70–80 percent better. Then hold yourself there. If you need it, take it. If you don’t, don’t.
  • If you have taken a remedy 5–6 times and see zero improvement, stop. This usually means that it’s an incorrect choice. Recheck your symptoms and match them to a better-indicted remedy or call for professional help.
  • For more info on How to…, see It’s free. : )


If even half of these tendencies fit your general make up, an experienced homeopath who works with genetic clearing may provide you with great benefits.

Kimberly Woods is an expert in homeopathic care. She has worked with chronic, acute and first aid conditions over the phone worldwide for over 25 years. Kimberly is completing a user-friendly guide on treating yourself for the flu and colds, titled the “DIY Medicine Revolutions for Colds, Flu and Beyond with Homeopathy.”

For a FREE 15 minute inquiry into your specific chronic health concerns, call (828) 645-2919. Discover what 100 million people worldwide are using for safe, effective, inexpensive health care.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only. It does not establish a consultant-patient relationship and contains no specific recommendations for any illness you may have. Those with significant health care concerns should consult a qualified health practitioner.

All of the information here are excerpts from my book “DIY Medicine Revolution, Colds, Flu and Beyond with Homeopathy,” which is copyrighted and property of Kimberly Woods, C.Hom. 2015.


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