Pharmaceutical Free for 30 Years!

Ely my daughter is a picture of total health! A beautiful heart and shiny soul with a glow that doesn’t stop!I have been pharmaceutical free for over 40 years am 61 and feel like I’m in my 40’s! We have been through all sorts of intense health issues: vaccine injury (from my past,) learning disabilities, social anxiety, ridiculously low self esteem, precancerous states, depression, severe anxiety, trauma, menopausal imbalances, headaches, heavy metal, mercury, lead, aluminum, and round up poisoning, slipped discs, sciatica, IBS, food allergies, severe infections, strep throat, croup, walking pneumonia, bronchitis, UTI’s, reoccurring tooth abscesses, flu, sinus infections, pink eye, ear infections, high fevers, blepharitis, rheumatoid arthritis, severe reoccurring candida, fungal infections and many types of injuries…to name a few.Homeopathic medicine has save the day all through out our lives!

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