Pharmaceutical Free for 30 Years!

Pharmaceutical Free for 30 Years!

Ely, my daughter, is a picture of total health on all levels. Her beautiful heart and soul shines with a glow that doesn’t stop! She has been pharm free for over 30 years, but not because she has not been sick.

To start, we were blessed with a healthy and fairly easy homebirth. Ely came out looking like a little wise woman—tearless, yet with an intentional, knowing gaze. She was healthy until toddlerhood, at which time she started to suffer many middle of the night, 104 degree fevers. She often displayed symptoms of a bright red, hot face with no perspiration. All these specific symptoms are the main indicators of a homeopathic remedy called Belladonna 30c (Bell.)*. After a few doses of Bell., the fever would magically go away. Once, around 3 AM, she had a sudden and similarly high fever with tremors. I immediately gave her a dose of Bell. and the tremors stopped as soon as the little pellets touched her tongue! A miracle to a worried mama. Yet, what was more amazing, was that these fevers subsided after a few rounds of Bell. and never came back.

There was also a tenacious cradle cap that did not want to go away, but which disappeared in a month from daily doses of Calcarea carb. 30c*.

Between five and six years old, a few times a year, she would get horrible ear aches, so painful that she would scream in agony in the middle of the night. I matched her exact symptoms to a remedy called Silica* and gave her a dose of the remedy in the 200 C potency. The pain was usually 80% better within 15 minutes. Like the fevers, these earaches subsided after a few rounds of Silica 200C and never returned.

Like all children, Ely occasionally had headaches and stomachaches, which normally resolved with Nux vomica 30c*. She often had a stomach ache from over eating, which would also cause her to become really cranky, impatient, and chilly. (By the way, this is a very effective remedy to clear the liver of toxins, if your symptoms align with the remedy.)

In her teens, we were “blessed” with horrendous PMS outbursts from Ely! She experienced mood swings, that she would usually take out on me, mom. . . All I can say is “thank God for Lachesis 200c.*” This remedy returned her to her level-headed, sweet, kind and compassionate self. Another recurring pattern during her teens was strep throat. Usually she had a right-sided sore throat with extreme pain, which would improve from warm drinks. Sometimes, she would have gastrointestinal symptoms along with it, such as gas and bloating. All of these symptoms would subside after a dose or two of Lycopodium 200c (Lyc.*) as needed. After using Lyc. as needed a few times a year, these sore throats eventually went away.

Of course, during the last 30 years, there was the normal abundance of injuries, burns, bumps and bruises, tick and insect bites, etc. These were easily and quickly overcome by common, first aid, homeopathic remedies. For those who would like “to test the water” with this amazingly effective, natural therapeutic, this is a good place to start, and I encourage you to begin your journey with the following free First Aid chart.

FREE DOWNLOAD DIY – Common First Aid & Simple Acute Homeopathic Remedies This is a great way to experience the power of homeopathy. It’s an easy way to start learning the simple, basic principles of treating yourself and your family for minor accidents and minor acutes!

Today, Ely is 31 and a thriving, healthy young woman. Every day I am so grateful for having this precious gem of a daughter and for the gift of homeopathy!

Homeopathic medicine has saved the day year, after year, after year!

*Before giving these homeopathic remedies or self-prescribing, study or take a short course in simple, acute treatment. It’s very important to “match” the individual’s exact symptoms to a remedy picture. For more complicated acutes and short-term illnesses, you should seek the advice of an experienced homeopath or medical expert.

** This remedy is only used by professionals.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to be a substitute for the diagnosis and or treatment of any physical disease or condition. The content made available on these pages is not intended to replace the services or treatment of a physician or a health care professional. The information from this article is for educational purposes only. Medical history reveals that homeopathy has successfully treated: Colds, Viruses, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and most known diseases for over 200 years. Always seek medical help if you are unsure or you suspect a serious injury.

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