Autism Reversed – Testimonial

Our daughter was a healthy, happy, engaging and flourishing 2 year old. Then immediately after receiving a set of standard vaccines, she started to have difficulty speaking.A few weeks latter, severe tantrums started and they increased to sometimes 10 times a day. Within a month she was not speaking or having any eye contact with us or anyone. All these symptoms and behaviors continued over a 4 year span along with a gradual increase in hostility toward her immediate family. As you can imagine, all of this this was beyond heart breaking, to see are beautiful little girl in such a shut down and difficult state of being. We spent $40,000 in other alternative and conventional treatments.Within a few weeks of using homeopathic medicines to clear the negative effects of vaccines, we miraculously saw her slowly come back to being herself again! After 3 months of working with Kimberly she was almost fully recovered and sang her 1st song, spoke full sentences and was returned to a state of peace.THANK GOD FOR THIS AMAZING ALL NATURAL MEDICAL THERAPEUTIC!!!Elizabeth, NYC

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