Cold or Flu: Know the Difference – An at-a-glance chart

While cold symptoms can make you feel miserable, flu symptoms often are much worse. How  do you tell if your symptoms are a cold or the flu? One of the major differences is the presence of a fever.

In homeopathy, a fever is a good thing. It’s the body’s natural response. The rise in temperature helps it heal itself. Of course, if your fever is extremely high (over 104°F), the homeopathic remedies are not doing their job. Then you need to suppress it. However, for quicker and deeper healing, let the body do what it’s expert in doing!

cold or flu chart

As shown in historical data, homeopathy has been used to combat flu symptoms effectively in
epidemics and pandemics. For a fascinating comprehensive history, please read “The Homeopathic
Treatment of Influenza: Surviving Influenza Epidemics and Pandemics Past, Present and Future
with Homeopathy” by Sandra J.Perko, PhD.,C.C.N.

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