Why Over 100 Million People Choose Homeopathy

hoWhy Over 100 Million People Choose Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine is the second most popular medical system in the world according to The World Health Organization, which supports homeopathy. Please find more information in this article by Dr. Dancy Malik.

It’s Safe

  • It’s gentle, non-toxic, and free from toxic side effects found with conventional medicines.
  • Remedies are often recommended for the elderly, pregnant women and newborns.
  • Remedies are made under strict protocol in FDA-approved labs.
  • It’s trusted worldwide as one of the safest forms of medicine available.


  • It is more cost-effective than any other form of medicine, both  conventional or  alternative  medicine, according to a study commissioned by the government of Switzerland.
  • A single remedy can treat virtually hundreds of different symptoms.
  • With multiple-use dosage bottles, one vial could last for many years!


  • Individualized consultations consider every symptom and concern.
  • Homeopathy is known to help human, animal, and even plant conditions.
  • It aims at deep healing on all levels for complete well-being.


  • Homeopaths educate and help people take charge of their health.
  • People become more aware and present to their symptoms, health and causes of illness.
  • Speedy recovery may inspire you to learn and practice more.
  • The basics for First Aid and acute illness are simple and easy to learn.

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